Why I Photograph

Taking photographs is fun.   I don’t have to take photographs as a job or because I’m part of an organisation; I take them because I like to.

The camera lens chops out a bit of the reality in front of me.   It might be a street scene, a sky or a coastline, a bit of countryside or a building.   It might be a person or people or a flower, puddle, insect or plate of food.   And when I take the photograph I have a general idea of what is within the perimeter of the lens.   The decisions I make are when to click the shutter, what direction the camera is pointing and some slightly technical decisions about length of focus, shutter speed and so on.

I then load the photographs into the computer and, usually, look at them and discard a very few that are obviously no good – grossly over or under exposed or out of focus.   I keep most, even those that don’t look much on first glance.