Very evocative!

Yet another set disinterred.

These are recent additions to our “archive” shared during Octobe 2018.   Memories are gradually being stirred into consciousness and the texts below suggest names that probably belong to someone.


These below were the catalyst that dusted off albums and boxes of important historical documents illustrating the fashion and activities of the mid years of the last century. (And if that doesn’t make them feel old it’s because they’ve lost their sense of feeling.)


A few years ago my mum found a number of old photos from the 1950s and put an album together which then lay hidden on a shelf.   They are of mates from 11th Epping Forest senior scout group, of camping in the Lake District and holidays (in civvies).   Many of us remain in touch.

3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Hi Barry and Hazel, after celebrating our daughter Karen’s 50th Birthday yesterday …. following Covid Freedom (??) Guidelines …. just enjoying a lazy morning looking at your Friends Site. Brilliant and always a good laugh with many reminders of happy times in our youth. Hope you are both keeping well.
    Love Clive and Helena xx

  2. Lazy Sunday morning ….. breakfast in bed and having a good laugh down Memory Lane. No better way to spend a Winter’s morning before Christmas shopping. Keep ‘em coming Barry, your doing a brilliant job keeping us all amused.
    Love to all
    Clive and Helena xx

  3. Just love these photos… showing our crazy youth.. good job we are now refined gentlemen !!?? …. maybe…..

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